21 September 2019

Concrete Show South East Asia 2019

by : Lety
Concrete Show South East Asia 2019

The concrete technology used in construction and buildings need to be continuously upgraded to quicken infrastructural development in Indonesia and drive national economy. Concrete Show South East Asia are hoped to become the platforms to help improve the quality and capability of constructions, a gathering place where all key industry players across the globe come and interact. Local industry players use the opportunity to get themselves updated with the latest information in the industry as well as finding solutions and new ways to adapt the latest technological innovation which can help improve their efficiency and the quality of concrete and construction products they manufacture.

Concrete Show SEA facilitate buyers and suppliers offering various concrete and construction-related products, services, and technology such as precast concrete, prestressed concrete, concrete mixer, batching plant, lightweight brick machinery, and steel-reinforced concrete technology.

The improvement of construction technology must be developed so that the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia can be achieved and will accelerate the national economic growth rate. Concrete Show South East Asia is expected to be a means of construction where all major global players in the industry come together and interact. Domestic industry players can take advantage of this exhibition to update information, find solutions and adopt construction technologies that can improve the efficiency and quality of concrete products in Indonesia

Where: Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia

When: 18-21 Septembre 2019

For more information, please click here: http://www.concreteshowseasia.com/

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