03 October 2019

IFaME 2019

by : Lety
IFaME 2019

The focus on smart building solutions for higher efficiency and productivity has now taken centre stage in the building industry. In addition to building more environmentally-friendly buildings that fit the Green Mark Standard, the importance of converting existing infrastructure to suit the needs of a green building with better technology and innovations is also paramount. This is where International Facility Management Expo (iFaME) 2019 comes inthe most highly supported facility management show in Singapore, it encompasses a wide variety of products and services including air-conditioning, sanitary wares as well as landscaping. 

"providing solution for smart nation"

iFaME 2019 will also bring together the expertise and talent that makes for effective facility management, in order to help professionals in the industry play their key roles in the changing landscapes. iFaME 2019 will not only be a showcase of relevant products in facility management, but also a meeting of minds for professionals who want to further their knowledge of their discipline and build contacts within the industry through a combination of exhibitions and conferences. 

Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

When: 1-3 October 2019

For more information, please click here: http://www.ifame.com.sg/en/page/2/introduction.html

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